This page contains a selection of the most frequently asked questions given to us when enquiring about floodlighting.
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What level of light is needed?
As explained in our Services > Planning section, there are many factors to consider, all of which we can help and advise with.
How many columns and floodlights are needed?
This is dependent on the level of lighting required, the size of the area to be floodlit and local conditions. We offer a full design service.
How much is the power load requirement?
Again, this is dependent on the design of the system, but we can help with direct contact with your regional electricity authority
How much do they cost to run?
The running cost can be calculated by multiplying the total power load by the unit cost of your electricity supply. We will be happy to calculate this for you.
What is sky glow?
Artificial sky glow is caused by a combination of direct and indirect contributions. Direct contributions come from the upward light output of floodlights above the horizontal plane of the installed positions. This can be eliminated by the use of horizontal 'flat glass' floodlights, but only if the floodlights are installed with the light emitting surface parallel to the ground.
What is overspill or intrusive light?
Light that is projected beyond the area for which it is intended (spill light) can enter people's homes (intrusive light) creating unwanted levels of luminance in the home. Even with curtains drawn, this can be problematic and interrupt sleep.
Can the system be switched from a remote location?
Yes, the system can be switched from a remote location!
How long can I expect my system to last?
Most systems are designed to last approximately 20-25 years for the floodlights and up to 50 years for the columns.
What is the civil works element of the proposal?
We are able to offer details of the necessary civil works or put you in touch with a suitable SAPCA registered contractor.
What guarantees are given?
All our new floodlighting installations carry a genuine 10 year guarantee which is also supported by the manufacturers of the equipment. This does not include consumables such as lamps and ignitors, these carry a separate 3 year guarantee.
Can the floodlights be switched to allow reduced levels? Or separate areas of the pitch to be lit independently?
Any level of switching can be accommodated if details are known before installation.
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